Treating Bipolar Disorder

At Retreat Behavioral Health, we have a team of specially skilled professionals who are able to help patients cope with bipolar disorder, with or without concurrent substance use problems. Our residential program provides the support and safety needed to help those suffering from this illness get an effective plan of treatment.

Bipolar Disorder and Substance Use

Substance use and Bipolar Disorder are very closely linked. It is estimated that more than half of individuals suffering from Bipolar Disorder experience a drug or alcohol addiction in their lifetime. While there is no clear link between them, it’s thought that many people who are Bipolar use drugs or alcohol to help ease the discomfort of the symptoms of their disorder. Sleeplessness, depression, and anxiety may lead to the use of substances as a coping mechanism, which can very easily spiral into a dependence. Both illnesses are also characterized by highly self destructive behavior.

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Start Your Recovery

Admitting there is a problem is often the first step to getting help. We will work to assist our patients in identifying and understanding the bipolar diagnosis, with an emphasis on building a network of support that can serve a critical role once an individual leaves our facility. This network extends beyond treatment, and our team will reach out to our alumni to offer support in their final stages of recovery.

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