Healing our Heroes

Working with the veteran and first responder community is an important part of the work that we do at our Pennsylvania, Connecticut, and Florida treatment centers. We provide dedicated therapeutic support to veterans and frontline healthcare professionals that help address the unique challenges so many face, including trauma, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), grief, and loss. We also employ veterans at our facilities in clinical roles so that our patients have the added benefit of working with individuals who understand firsthand the struggles that they may be going through.

Comprehensive Help for Veterans & First Responders

Central to our services for veterans and first responders are providing a nursing and medical team who can work with each patient individually to treat their specific needs and co-morbidities. Therapeutic specialties include substance abuse treatment, mental health treatment, and co-occurring treatment services and counseling, as well as opportunities for psychiatric evaluation and medication management, chronic pain treatment, pharmacological and non-pharmacological approaches, holistic therapies like massage and culinary arts, medication-assisted therapy, and smoking cessation.

Substance Use & Mental Health Services

What sets us apart is our heightened commitment to meeting the needs of veterans and first responders, specifically our special tracks that address common challenges for veterans and medical responders and our employment of veterans on our clinical staff. Our focus is on providing a serene and compassionate setting for the veteran and first responder community, with a dedicated and caring staff who work hard every day to ensure that our patients have all of their needs met.



Stress Disorder



Additional Support

Our Veteran liaisons serve as additional support for our prior service patients as they continue their journey to recovery. From coordinating VA services to securing transitional housing, our liaisons are able to provide additional resources and guidance during their stay. These individuals, having experience with members of our military themselves, understand the distinct needs and challenges of this unique population.

Treatment for Our Heroes

Retreat utilizes EMDR to address MST (military sexual trauma) and other types of PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder. Knowing that disturbing events can become lodged in the brain through images, thoughts, and feelings, EMDR is used to process these and begin to heal the individual.