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We know your wellness journey will continue beyond your experience with our treatment programs and we want to remind you, you don’t ever have to travel alone. We invite you to stay connected through our Retreat Alumni Community!

Our goal is to empower our alumni to live purposefully and reach their full potential, through connection, compassion, respect, and acceptance. We embrace and celebrate wellness by providing outstanding opportunities to grow, reflect, advocate, educate and connect.

We offer you a personal connection through

The Retreat Community App

This app, available only to our community, offers recovery connection and support 24 hours a day on your phone, tablet or computer!

Here are just a few of the benefits:

  • Remaining Connected with Those You Attended Treatment With
  • A 24 Hour a Day Connection to Program Staff, Alumni and Alumni Event Calendars
  • Personal Support & Recovery Reinforcement
  • Inspiration, Meditations & Helpful Recovery Tips
  • Links to Wellness Education and Inspirational Podcasts, Videos and Books
  • A Recovery Anniversary Milestone Counter
  • A Daily Gratitude Journal
  • An Opportunity to Give Back to Others

Our Alumni and Friends Retreat Connect Meetings

Our meetings meet regularly in person or virtually. These alumni meetings are designed to offer an ongoing connection in person for those seeking recovery support through live conversation.

These meetings are designed to support alumni, family and community friends in need of recovery support and connection

Please check our Retreat Community App or our Facebook page for updates on Meetings.

You may also reach out to our alumni staff for further information at alumni@retreatmail.com

Events and Activities

In addition to our regular meetings, we honor recovery and wellness through engaging in activities that offer opportunities to grow as well as have fun!

Participate in leisure and recreational activities such as picnics, movies, bowling, and community recovery events.

Join us in community opportunities to add your Wellness Toolkit, by participating in workshops and lectures that focus on life skills, mental health, spirituality and wellness

*We currently offer some of our workshops and discussions virtually, Facebook live, and will in person when possible.

Advocacy and Service Opportunities

Often, on your wellness journey, it is helpful to you to be able to tell your story or to help others through volunteering. Connecting with your Alumni Retreat Community helps provide opportunities to do this:

– Participate in Alumni Speaker Meetings in person or virtually offering your personal story of hope to the patients who are currently in treatment.
– Participate as a member of a panel focused on a topic about recovery or wellness.
– Share your story publicly, as a way to inspire others and reduce the stigma surrounding Substance use Disorder and Recovery.
– Provide support for or lead a local alumni meeting or event.

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If you or a loved one are in need of treatment,
please call our alumni helpline.

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