Brainsway dTMS at Retreat

At Retreat Behavioral Health, we are proud to offer BrainsWay dTMS, a cutting-edge form of therapy specifically designed for patients experiencing depression.

But at Retreat, we know that the opportunity to obtain this innovative form of therapy can be met with questions from recipients and loved ones alike, who are examining this as an option for care.

So, what is a dTMS treatment center, and who qualifies for one? We’ve shared some pertinent details below.

What is BrainsWay?

The patented BrainsWay helmet is a tool that uses DTMS — deep transcranial magnetic stimulation — to stimulate parts of the brain associated with depression.

So what is deep TMS? While it sounds scientific and complicated, dTMS essentially uses an MRI-strength magnetic pulse, that travels through the helmet and allows the brain to fire neurons properly and release neurotransmitters. The treatment is delivered through a coil in the BrainsWay helmet, which is placed on the patient’s head for the duration of the treatment.

This process targets an area of the brain known to affect mood. Over time, the neurotransmitters that are activated in this area help lead to increased blood flow and glucose metabolism, which results in improved mood.

All of this activity takes place within a series of 20-minute treatments, which are delivered at our network of Retreat Behavioral Health service centers.

Brainsway dTMS

At Retreat, the goal has always remained to offer patients the path to healing that best suits their unique needs. Through innovative, comprehensive, affordable, and high-quality care, Retreat works diligently to radicalize the world of treatment—dTMS is just one of many innovative ventures to come.

Is BrainsWay DTMS treatment right for me?

Before beginning a new treatment program, you should always consult your licensed medical provider first. BrainsWay treatments may only be provided to those patients who have been approved for it by their provider.

With countless studies and an ever-expanding team of experts, BrainsWay’s cutting-edge technology is advancing the fields of mental and behavioral health.


What to keep in mind:

These are a few considerations to keep in mind if you are exploring BrainsWay treatment:

  • Current diagnosis of depression
  • No history of seizure disorders, or recent episodes
  • No ferromagnetic metal in the head or around the head (most dental work is safe)
  • Current or former trials of psychotherapy (may be required by insurance)

Is BrainsWay covered by insurance?

Prospective patients interested in receiving BrainsWay treatment who have not been pre-approved by their medical provider may contact Retreat to arrange a consultation with one of our licensed physicians in order to discuss whether this treatment would be right for you.

The treatment is covered by insurance. Retreat accepts a variety of insurance policies.

BrainsWay DTMS treatment

How does the treatment differ from medication?

The BrainsWay dTMS treatment is delivered to patients daily on weekdays (Monday through Friday) for a period of six weeks, with a subsequent taper. Medication tends to be taken indefinitely or based on a consensus between provider and patient.

What’s more, BrainsWay dTMS doesn’t use any ingestible ingredients or artificial components present in medications, but instead uses medical technology to stimulate the body so as to produce key chemicals associated with mood on its own and at the proper rate. The treatment has been shown to have high clinical efficacy in studies and has minimal to no side effects.

* This treatment option is for the treatment
of Major Depressive Disorder (MDD) ONLY.

Could you be a candidate for Brainsway treatment?

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