Healing Our Heroes:

1 in 4 Service Member Return from Active Duty with a Mental Health Condition

This includes rates of PTSD that are 15x higher than those of civilians, and rates of depression that are 5x higher than civilians.

20% of Veterans Are Affected with PTSD

The Retreat Healing Our Heroes program for Veterans helps address both individual mental health disorders and co-occurring disorders, and can be instrumental in helping veterans adapt to civilian life and secure a safe and healthy path to recovery.

Comprehensive Help and Healing for Veterans

Our mission is to provide compassion, respect, and acceptance to those individuals who have served in our armed forces and are struggling with substance use or mental health disorders. This includes programs for veterans with PTSD and other mental health conditions that acknowledge the unique experiences of veterans and address the common challenges that they face.

Retreat has been working with the veteran community for many years at our facilities in Pennsylvania and Florida. In addition to specialized programs, we also employ veterans at our facilities, which provides our patients with the added benefit of working with someone who understands their struggles firsthand.

From medically-monitored detox and residential rehabilitation to structured outpatient programs, we provide a full continuum of care for treating substance use and PTSD in veterans. We have locations in Ephrata, PA, Palm Springs, FL, and New Haven, CT, and work with most commercial insurance companies, offering 24/7 admissions and complimentary transportation.

At Retreat, we pride ourselves in providing a compassionate and spiritual environment for veterans in recovery. We provide healing for veterans in a secure and comfortable setting overseen by a dedicated, caring, and professional staff.

EMDR and PTSD in Veterans: Program Features at Retreat

Retreat is uniquely positioned to treat veterans; from offering specific tracks that address common challenges for vets such as post-traumatic stress disorder and other trauma responses to having veterans on our clinical staff. Individual and group therapy are cornerstones of our treatment programs, as are veteran-specific rehabilitation services and clinical modalities such as Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR). When it comes to EMDR and PTSD in veterans, this therapy can help individuals process trauma and get relief from their symptoms, all in a safe and supportive environment that is conducive to ongoing care. 

Each of our specialized programs offers dynamic, comprehensive treatment to veterans in need of care based on common issues or traits that some patients share.

Our programs include:

Whether you’re searching for substance use treatment or are looking for help managing other mental health conditions, our expert psychiatrists, therapists and counselors, nurses and medical professionals, and renowned care team are ready to serve you. Compassionate care is available, and together we can get you or your loved one on the path to a brighter and healthier future. Reach out today to learn more.

Support with VA Inpatient Mental Health Programs and Other Ongoing Needs

We are committed to supporting our veteran patients in any way that we can. This includes customized treatment plans and ongoing help coordinating VA services and securing transitional housing. Throughout their stay at a Retreat facility, veterans will have access to a liaison who can provide additional resources and guidance as needed, and who themselves has experience serving in the armed forces.

Programs for Veterans with PTSD

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With locations up and down the East Coast, Retreat is uniquely positioned to provide quality treatment to those in need.

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