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Programs for Law Enforcement

Recognizing the Psychological Effects of Being a Police Officer

programs for law enforcement

1 in 4 Police Officers

have thoughts of suicide at some point in their life.

Suicide Rate 4x Higher

The suicide rate for police officers is four times higher than the rate for firefighters.

More Police Die By Suicide

than in the line of duty

Higher Rate of Mental Health Issues

Compared to the general population, law enforcement report much higher rates of depression, PTSD, burnout, and other anxiety-related mental health conditions.

Prioritizing mental health: law enforcement and the need for specialized support.

Mental health can be a sensitive topic among law enforcement due to the negative stigma surrounding mental health and fear of job loss. Meanwhile, standard civilian programs may not be the right fit when it comes to therapy for police officers. At Retreat, we’ve made it our mission to help support the police community, with mental health and substance use treatment for law enforcement that acknowledges the unique struggles police officers face. 

Many police officers neglect to seek counsel and struggle with mental health at alarming rates. And more members of law enforcement are dying by suicide than shootings and traffic accidents combined. Retreat’s focus on police and mental health programs allows us to offer care in a way that is adapted to these realities, and that provides officers with a safe and comfortable environment where they can get the support they need. 

Working with the veteran, first responder, and law enforcement community is an important part of the work we do at Retreat. We provide therapeutic care and support to combat a plethora of mental health and substance use disorders, and we also help members of law enforcement deal with grief and trauma.

  • Grief and Loss
  • Depression and Anxiety
  • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
  • Trauma
  • Emotional Support
    for Family Members

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