Admissions Process

As a prospective patient, if you contact Retreat by phone, you’ll reach our 24/7 on-site Admissions Team, who will familiarize you with the details of treatment and ensure that you arrive safely to our facility.
Verifying your benefits:

To verify that we accept your insurance and that you are eligible for coverage, our Admissions Team will run a pre-certification check. Once we have confirmed your benefits and ascertained what services are accessible to you, we will arrange transportation for you to reach our facility.


Our complimentary transportation spans a four-hour radius surrounding both our residential facilities in Florida and Pennsylvania. If you are located more than a four-hour ride away, we can work with you to explore alternative transportation arrangements.

Our trained transportation specialists do more than just drive – they are each thoroughly trained to administer naloxone (the overdose-reversing medication) and First Aid. They also receive training on the disease of addiction to better understand and accommodate our patients.


Upon check in, you’ll be greeted by a clinical representative, who will perform a biopsychosocial assessment. This evaluation is designed to gather relevant background information to develop a custom treatment plan for each individual. Subsequently, you will be assigned a room and provided additional information on our program and facility.

What to Expect

You can expect a confident, prepared, experienced team who is fully committed to your recovery. We work extremely hard to ensure that each and every patient feels comfortable, safe, and attended to, and we offer a number of amenities that promote a sense of calm and serenity throughout our facility.

Medically monitored detox will be administered by our 24/7 Nursing Team, who ensure that each patient is supervised and stabilized as traces of drugs or alcohol are cleared from their systems.

After that, clinical therapy will begin, overseen by our highly trained staff of industry-leading clinicians, psychologists, and psychiatrists. Our psychotherapy sessions are overseen by licensed therapists who will help you understand the roots causes of your substance misuse or mental health conditions, and equip you with tools to counteract them.

If prescribed by our on-site Medical Director and Psychiatry Team, our Nursing Team will administer medication assisted treatment — namely, the use of medication that helps many patients transition into long-term recovery.

Day to Day Activities

On a day-to-day level, you can also expect to participate in an array of rewarding activities to occupy your time and help you stay engaged. You’ll be invited to participate in art and music therapy, have access to fully equipped gyms to participate in team sports or just work up a sweat, and you’ll have ample time to explore our local surroundings, too.

For instance, you might visit a local horse barn or care for Retreat’s own horses as part of our equine therapy program, or you could spend a few hours by the seaside and enjoy a long, tranquil walk on the beach in South Florida.

We make a concerted effort to include our patients’ families and loved ones as much as possible, too; because we realize that, although inpatient treatment is critical, when you graduate our residential program and reenter the world, having their support is vital to achieving long-term sobriety. Therefore, our Director of Family Engagement liaises with each patients’ loved ones to gauge their interest in being involved in the recovery process, and we provide multiple opportunities for families to visit their loved ones throughout their stay (such as through our weekly Family Workshops or pre-arranged family therapy sessions).

Throughout your stay, should you have any questions or concerns, we hope you will feel welcome to express them to a senior member of staff or our on-site Leadership Team. We work diligently to address each and every concern as it arises and ensure that patients’ needs are met and exceeded.

At the conclusion of treatment, our Patient Care Department works privately on behalf of each patient to determine their next steps. This team will help you find sober living accommodations, aftercare programs, or even coordinate transportation to doctors’ appointments or other obligations on your behalf.

At Retreat Behavioral Health, we don’t stop until we’ve done everything possible to fulfill our patients’ needs, and we will work tirelessly to set you up for a richer, healthier life in recovery.

Need an interventionist?

At Retreat we understand that addiction is a family disease yet many times families need assistance in helping the addict. We offer access to a wide network of certified ethical interventionists with affordable rates to fit any family’s needs. We can help no matter where you are. Contact us for further information at

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